Bouquet: Oh my Cold

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Together with our heroes, we create 4 signature bouquets that reflect their image and lifestyle. Our 2nd guest is Anna Abdullaeva, not only the diva but also a CEO of the Infokrása group containing Infokrása beauty clinic, Infokrása Aesthetics , cosmetic store and an e-shop

Anna is a vibrant and determined young woman, spearheading a highly successful project in the beauty sphere. She consistently opts for vibrant and memorable choices. Typically, she favors lush, dense bouquets filled with premium flower varieties. This collection was a collaborative endeavor, where we endeavored to discover unique, vivid combinations that capture the essence of spring.

We’ve combined all the best: hydrangeas, premium spray garden roses, stocks, 2 variations of delphinium and fireworks of agapanthus.

The bouquet is available in 2 sizes M (33 stems), L (47 stems). There’s a Medium-sized bouquet in the photo.

All bouquets are delivered in boxes with special water pockets, which helps keep the flowers fresh during transportation.

For perfect make up and hair we’d like to thank G.Bar Praha

Bouquet size

Large (L), Medium (M)

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