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Název subjektu: Cool Flowers s.r.o.
IČO: 05438977
Spisová značka: C 263684 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze
Den zápisu: 30. září 2016
Sídlo: Karla IV. 941, 252 62 Horoměřice


These general conditions are an integral part of all contracts on the purchase of goods carried in the online store cool-flowers.com, to its customers.


1) Registration

We declare that the data are used only for identification when purchasing online cool-flowers.com and will not be disclosed to third parties or otherwise used. Confirmation of registration agree with sending e-mails with special offers online store cool-flowers.com in accordance with the law № 480/2004 Sb (Law of the Czech Republic). “Some information services company.”
E-mails with offers and discounts will be sent no more than 2 times a week, and the size of a single e-mail will not exceed 900 KB. Newsletter service by e-mail at any time to disable writing to us at the postal address: [email protected].


2) Adoption and execution of orders, the sales contract

Buyer’s order is a draft contract of sale and purchase of the current contract is concluded at the time of delivery of the mandatory consent of the buyer and the seller of this proposal (the mandatory confirmation of the order by the seller). From that moment between the buyer and seller enter into force on the mutual rights and obligations.

At the conclusion of the sales contract the buyer confirms that he is familiar with these terms, including the terms of the complaint, and agree with them. Before making a purchase, the buyer has the opportunity to properly examine the terms and conditions as well as conditions of the complaint, as well as get acquainted with them in detail.

Seller reserves the right to cancel the order or part of it before the conclusion of the sales contract in the following cases: the goods are not manufactured or supplied or a significant change in the price of goods supplied. If this happens, the seller shall immediately contact the customer to agree on how to proceed. If the buyer has paid part or all of the purchase price, this amount will be refunded to his account, the conclusion of the contract of sale does not occur.
All orders placed in this store are mandatory. The order can be canceled prior to its delivery. If the order is canceled before it expedition, and will be sent after the client may require for expenses related to the shipment of goods. Due to the nature of goods sold (the flowers are perishable cancellation is only possible if the bunch was harvested florist.) On receipt of the order, you will be automatically notified by email.
Order is possible to cancel 24 hours before the time specified for delivery. Abolition can be made by sending a request by e-mail or by calling +420 775683780. To cancel, you must give your name, email address and order number.
Seller is not responsible for wrongly indicated contact data of the recipient, as well as for the fact that the recipient, for any reason, was not at the place of delivery within the agreed time specified in the order.

Flowers replacement

Taking into account the seasonality of flowers and direct dependence on imports of flowers from abroad Seller reserves the right to replace the Order of the variety (species) or colour of flowers at a rate of not more than 25% relative to the bouquet pictures posted on the website online store.
If it’s necessary to replace more than 25% of flowers, Seller shall immediately contact the buyer to agree on the changes in the order.


3) Delivery methods



The Pickup can be used no earlier than 2 hours after order placement. Always get a confirmation from the staff time, orders may take during working hours. In after hours by appointment.

Delivery in Prague

The seller is also a carrier. The goods are delivered to the specified location is passed to the recipient at time of delivery, which is indicated by the buyer when placing the order. Information on the location of the carrier, the term of delivery is available upon request. It is necessary that the buyer carefully check the accuracy of addresses, phone numbers, and other characteristics that affect the accuracy and speed of delivery.

Delivery fee is 149 Kč in Prague.

The recipient must be presented at the specified location during the delivery. If the recipient is not available, the carrier may transfer the goods to another person who is in the place of delivery, based on the written confirmation. This does not apply if the purchaser in writing indicated that the goods must be transferred to the recipient in his own hands. The carrier is not obliged to verify the identity of the recipient.
If the recipient refuses to accept the goods, or goods delivered, in particular because of the inaccurate or nonexistent addresses, absence of the recipient or other authorized person, which would be in accordance with these terms and conditions at the place of delivery of the goods, for transmission, the carrier must without delay inform the buyer or a Seller and wait for further instructions. Possible costs associated with further action shall be the buyer if other instructions are not reported to the carrier within 10 minutes or if there is no possibility to carry out these instructions, the carrier returns the item back to the seller. Obligations of the carrier to deliver the goods is carried out by returning the goods to the seller. The return of the goods to the seller or change the delivery address entered in the account in accordance with tariffs.
In the case of lack of the recipient in the specified place of delivery can be re-delivery of goods. If re-delivery of goods caused by incorrect or incomplete data in the contacts the recipient during the ordering process, the seller includes the cost of re-delivery of the double standard fare cost of delivery. Repeated delivery of goods is carried out as soon as possible after payment or at a time when the recipient is at the address. The fee can be paid in person at one of the shops or online. In the case of non-payment by the Buyer, the goods are deemed to be delivered, even if there was no transfer of the goods recipient.


4) Warranty and complaints 


The recipient receives the goods by his signature, and also confirms that the goods are received in good condition. If the item is damaged (ie. broken flowers), the Recipient prior to receiving the goods must notify the seller of the damage to the phone number listed on the site at the moment after, when he had a chance to inspect the goods. Later complaints will not be considered.
In the case of apparent damage to the goods the buyer has the right to replace it with the price reduction for goods or has the right to cancel the contract of sale. However, the seller is not liable for damage to the goods caused by the recipient.


5) Shipment and delivery terms


Some packages can be divided into several. Shipping cost remains unchanged.


Payment Methods

Any payment method can be selected before the delivery method is selected.
Prepayment – If you select this option, you will receive pledge sheet with all the data for payment. Order execution will begin upon receipt of payment to the bank account or after you send the payment of funds for e-mail address: [email protected].
Cash – paid in cash on Pickup.


Secure Online Payments

If you pay by credit card, we use payment gateway protocol 3-D Secure, supported by associations, issuing payment cards.
All internal information (passwords, names, operation) are transmitted in encrypted form. To increase the processing speed does not encrypt the general information (information on each unit of product).


Terms and conditions are valid from August 1, 2015 until further notice.
The information for buyers in the event of a change in business conditions, in accordance with the terms and conditions that were in force at the time of registration and payment.

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