About weddings

Our studio manages floral design and wedding decorations with a special thrill! We also can decorate birthdays and other public events.

What we do
carefully and thoughtfully DISCUSS with you DETAILS of an event


DEVELOP A CONCEPT of an event (an idea, printing, decoration, flowers, etc.)


PROVIDE you with DECORATIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE ELEMENTS - from candlesticks to arches and furniture


offer a DETAILED PRESENTATION (PDF)  with a future decoration


decorate both small family weddings and big celebrations


How we do


To reach the perfect result we'll be glad to arrange a personal meeting to know each other. So that we can prepare project and decorations just for you, for your personal story, not "just flowers".


If you are not in Prague currently, please send us an e-mail with all the information of the wedding or fill the form.


Pricing and bookings


We do not expose project minimum cost, cost of wedding decorations heavily depends on your wishes and possibilities of the venue.



To get information about pricing and availability on your date please contact us via e-mail: wedding@cool-flowers.com


 Our chief florist  will contact you ASAP within the day.