Camomiles and Ranunculus

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Ranunculus are classy blooms, with hundreds of tissue paper-thin petals densely packed into a cup-shaped bloom. These flowers are seasonal, blooming starts in November and finishes in early April, so don’t miss a chance to try them. You’ll be impressed with their long-lasting vase life – up to 15 days! Just put them in a wide vase and keep the water level at 10 cm.

There is nothing sweeter than daisies, which is actually Camomile. These flowers are very delicate and whimsical, which makes it a flower ladies adore! Long vase life is their bonus to the unique appearance.

Bouquet is available in 2 sizes: Small and Medium. There’s a Small-sized bouquet in the picture.

Bouquet size

Medium (M), Small (S)


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