Magical dinner

Birthday surprise

    In early May, wedding planners Brides’s Secrets  applied to us with a request to arrange a birthday gala dinner. It turned out that this is not just an ordinary evening with the cake and gifts. Man decided to propose to his birthday woman that day! We set to the work with a high enthusiasm .


     As the venue for the dinner was chosen terrace of the restaurant Villa Richter with a spectacular view on the city! We decorated table with a runner of delicate chiffon, garland made of greens, lots of candles and festive floral arrangement. Chairs were decorated with ribbons and rose buds. Birthday girl didn’t participate in the preparation of the dinner, so the mere decor was supposed to be a surprise for her!

The main thing of the evening supposed to be the cake, decorated with a sugar peony flower. There was a ring inside the flower, and she said “YES”!


Thank you so much!

Brides’s Secrets