About us

2013 year


New branding


CoolFlowers as a company started in 2013 with a small e-shop run by the current CEO Jaroslava Stretscool. She did all the work by herself and didn’t get more than 20 orders a month.
Now CoolFlowers has store in the Prague center, a brand new e-shop, a team of 8 people and more than 200 unique bouquets delivered each month




We really love flowers and the work that we have chosen for ourselves. Our bouquets, flower baskets, and compositions are made from rare kinds of flowers delivered to us from the *netherlands* that you are unlikely to see in other flower shops. We enjoy finding the most interesting new things to offer you every day. We get fresh flowers four times a week, so you can be certain that your bouquet will last for a long time

We love that all our bouquets are so different from one another, that each one is unique, made for a special person. We put a heart and soul into every single one of them, and we are always anxious to know that was the recipient’s reaction.

You can find a lot of pictures illustrating the everyday life of our shop at our Instagram



Despite the fact that we can make anything (a basket, a flower-box, composition for a table, wreath for a door, etc.), we enjoy making bouquets more than anything else. We are very grateful when you trust us and let us be creative. To complete the order we need to know your most/least favorite flowers and the approximate color palette (light/dark, bright/dim, basic/complex colors). This way we make our best work, some of which makes it to the products section of our website

Arranging flowers for a bouquet, or a composition is a creative process that requires time and focus. It is very important to take the time to deliberately chose all the components. As a result the completion of one order can take from 40 to 90 minutes depending on the size. We don’t want you to have to wait for so long, so it would probably more convenient for you to tell us about your preferences so that we can have the flowers waiting for your arrival. Nevertheless if you prefer to take part in the making of the bouquet and have enough time, we will be happy to provide you with a cup of tea or coffee while the flowers are being composed




Jaroslava Stretcul — COOLFLOWERS CEO
My job is to make sure that CoolFlowers as a project is functioning and evolving. I’m managing the supply of exclusive flowers from our partners, the project promotion, and also dealing with the emergencies. I also do a lot of routine work that is necessary for our business
I’ll be happy to discuss corporate orders, possible partnerships, or advertisement.
e-mail: slava.stretscool@cool-flowers.com
Sofia Kamyshan — Art director
My job is to preserve the integrity of the CoolFlowers brand in the shop, as well as on the website and throughout the social media. I’m the person responsible for finding new kinds of flowers, or peonies in the middle of December. I’m in control of the quality and can remember every bouquet that we have ever delivered
I’ll be glad to discuss the decoration of any event or to bring your dream wedding to life.
Kirill Stretcul — Sales Manager

I know everything about our assortment, seasonal flowers and availability of certain items at a given time

I’ll be happy to help you chose a bouquet, because I am the person whose voice you’ll hear when calling CoolFlowers
Tel.: +420775683780 (Whats’app, Viber, Telegram)
Florists team

Maria Maltseva, Maria Chernysheva — they are the girls you’ll meet in our shop. They’ll always help you to chose flowers, they’ll make a bouquet or discuss your order in the store.

Аdress: Bělehradská 990/66, Praha 2-Vinohrady