dreams come true in autumn

    If you choose the right time, then the fall wedding can become the most cozy and beautiful of all possible. Our couple was lucky enough anf in the end of October they got warm sunny day and picturesque landscapes of one of the most beautiful parks of Prague – Havlicek gardens.


    Our main goal in wedding decorations always was and remains – to emphasize the beauty. Beauty of nature, couples, interior and flowers. Newlyweds really wanted a spiritual day with closest people. The important criterion was that the ceremony and dinner should take place in one place. That venue had to be beautiful, but not too touristy. After lond discussions we were able to find the perfect venue – Havlíčkovy Gardens and their restaurant Pavillon with classic interiors and furniture.

For a harmonious wedding, it is very important to hear a couple, to understand what do they really want from their main day. Sometimes it’s so hard to describe your expectations in words, to explain what’s going on in the imagination. Our main task is to understand!
  It’s hard to believe that after 1 hour at the same place there were guests sat at tables and raised their first glass! Our team, working with the restaurant staff, managed to fully cover 9 tables and decorate them in 60 minutes.
номер стола+карточка рассадки

I’ve never ever wanted a wedding celebration, I just wanted everything to end sooner, so that we could become a husband and wife. I’m not one of those brides, who would tremblingly choose the ceremony venue and the color of bridal shoes. But now, when I look at the photos, I understand that everything wasn’t in vain, you made for us a real fairy tale! It was stunningly beautiful!


Many thanks to our pair Maria and Daniel for the trust and also to proffecionals:

Photo: Eugene Kachalovsky

Decor&Flowers: CoolFlowers