Bridal bouquet in Prague

   Bouquet is starring during the wedding, if not for the guests, then to the bride. To make it “thereby bouquet of Dreams”, is very important to discuss all the details in advance: its size, color, shape, preferred colors.

   Bouquet size depends on the bride’s height, style of the dress and personal preference, so please don’t be surprised if we ask your height, or asked to send us photos of the dress. By shape bouquets are divided into: nosegay, posy, round, hand-tied, cascadea and pageant. We always find the best flowers according to your wishes and budget. We need to know a favorite color palette, it would be great if you have a couple of photos of bouquets that you like.

    Average price to the presented bouquets below is 2000-2500 CZK. If you would like custom-sizebouquet: small or really big; made of either rare or non-seasonal flowers, the price will change. We’ could tell the exact price while personal or e-mail conversation.

    To order bridal bouquet or wedding decoration in Prague, please send your letters to the e-mail:, our chief florist will contact you the same day.

Bridal bouquets CoolFlowers

   We’ve complied for you the collection of wedding bouquets made by our studio. Here you’ll find traditional peony wedding bouquet and bouquets in soft pink pastel tones, or something less traditional and more original. That’s for you to decide how exactly  bouquet should look like, we can meet any challenge and would be happy if you could trust us in such an important day.


Thank you for the bouquet, it was perfect and received compliments. Thanks a lot, you took into consideration my suggestions on the colors choice,  I do really remained more than satisfied 🙂


Great thanks to our brides for the trust and to the photographers for awesome shots.

Photo: Eugene Kachalovsky, Khiria Photography, Kateřina Nováková, Victor Zdvizhkov, Ksana Fedorova, Tatyana Churina